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Sander Nieuwenhuis / Leiden University

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Shine, J.M., van den Brink, R.L., Hernaus, D., Nieuwenhuis, S., & Poldrack, R.A. (in press). Catecholaminergic manipulation alters dynamic network topology across cognitive states. Network Neuroscience. [manuscript]


Harsay, H.A., Cohen, M.X., Spaan, M., Weeda, W.D., Nieuwenhuis, S., & Ridderinkhof, K.R. (in press). Error awareness and motivational significance: Shifts in networks centering on anterior insula co-vary with error blindness and pupil dilation. Behavioural Brain Research. [manuscript]


van den Brink, R.L., Nieuwenhuis, S., van Boxtel, G.J.M., van Luijtelaar, G., Eilander, H.J., & Wijnen, V.J.M. (2018). Task-free spectral EEG dynamics track and predict patient recovery from severe acquired brain injury. NeuroImage: Clinical, 17, 43-52. [manuscript]