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Sander Nieuwenhuis / Leiden University

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de Rover, M., Brown, S.B., Band, G.P., Giltay, E.J., van Noorden, M.S., van der Wee, N.J., & Nieuwenhuis, S. (in press). Beta receptor-mediated modulation of the oddball P3 but not error-related ERP components in humans. Psychopharmacology. [manuscript]


Brown, S.B., van Noorden, M.S., Giltay, E.J., van der Wee, N.J., & Nieuwenhuis, S. (2015). Noradrenergic and cholinergic effects on speed and sensitivity measures of phasic alerting. Behavioral Neuroscience, 129, 42-49. [manuscript]


Matzke, D., Nieuwenhuis, S., van Rijn, H., Slagter, H.A., van der Molen, M.W., & Wagenmakers, E.-J. (2015). The effect of horizontal eye movements on free recall: A preregistered adversarial collaboration. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144, e1-e15. [manuscript][blog by Neuroskeptic]